below is a piece I painted with my beautiful two-year-old niece for her mommy's birthday :)




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::: I am a self-taught, self-representing Canadian artist and have been painting and drawing since I was a small child.

::: My paintings reflect the beauty of Earth's Landscapes, and capture abstract thoughts and ideas using geometrical, as well as organic shape and form.

::: I choose to work with Acrylic Paint because unlike oil paintings, Acrylic paintings will not bleach and become discolored over time - the colors stay true forever. Acrylic paint is very durable, keeping your investment in perfect condition forever.

::: My paintings can be found in Private and Corporate collections in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Greece, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Cyprus, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland.

::: My artwork entitled 'Living In Harmony' was chosen by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission and the City of Saskatoon to be printed and widely distributed as an inspirational poster which represents the recognition of cultural diversity, in an effort to further the elimination of racial discrimination all over the world.

::: Below is a painting I donated for a Breast Cancer Awareness silent auction. I am always happy to donate my paintings to help raise money for important causes. To discuss a donation of art, please email me.

Below is a painting I silent-auctioned off myself, for my Relay for Life team


Another silent auction Gala! My painting can be seen at the top of the crowd :)


48" x 26"

Acrylic on Canvas


::: My mixed-media painting entitled 'Italian Life Traffic' was purchased in '04 by a professor at the University of Saskatchewan and is displayed and discussed each year in classes. Below is the Poem by Mina Loy that inspired the painting.

Italian Pictures - The Costa San Giorgio by Mina Loy

We English make a tepid blot
On the messiness
Of the passionate Italian life-traffic
Throbbing the street up steep
Up up to the porta
In the stained frescoe of the dragon-slayer

The hips of women sway
Among the crawling children they produce
And the church hits the barracks
The greyness of marching men
Falls through the greyness of stone
Oranges half-rotten are sold at a reduction
Hoarsely advertised as broken heads
BROKEN HEADS and the barber
Has an imitation mirror
And Mary preserve our mistresses from seeing us as we see
Licking is larger than mouths
Boots than feet
Slip Slap and the string dragging
And the angle of the sun
Cuts the whole lot in half

And warms the folded hands
Of a consumptive
Left outside her chair is broken
And she wonders how we feel
For we walk very quickly
The noonday cannon
Having scattered the neighbour's pigeons

The smell of small cooking
From luckier houses
Is cruel to the maimed cat
Among the carpenter's shavings
From three boys
--- One holding a bar ---
Who nevertheless
Born of human parents
Cry when locked in the dark

Fluidic blots of sky
Shift among roofs
Between bandy legs
Jerk patches of street

Interrupted by clacking
Of all the green shutters
From which
Bits of bodies
Variously leaning
Mingle eyes with the commotion

For there is little to do
The false pillow-spreads
Hugely initialed
Already adjusted
On matrimonial beds
And the glint on the china virgin
Consummately dusted

Having been thrown
Anything or something
That might have contaminated intimacy
Onto the middle of the street



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